mvc-769f.jpg (81371 bytes)FireFan's Renown Portable Diesel Fan just keeps getting better with age! Continual improvements and upgrades through the past two decades havemvc-774f.jpg (88959 bytes) combined to result in an incredibly reliable, safe & strong tool that has become the backbone of several industry leaders when it comes to ventilation and cooling. Saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing a job that previously was thought to be impossible, FireFan has developed from a cult favorite into an industry leader in a very short time.mvc-770f.jpg (79791 bytes) For instance, an industrial facility had reported ammonia leaks. All personnel in the plant had to be evacuated. If they had waited for the normal air systems to clear out the contaminated air, it would have taken hours, even days. A FireFan was placed in the big doors facing out, and in less than one hour the negative pressure created by the strong, efficient fan had made it safe for all of the employees to return to work. The FireFan can be used for any air ventilation or displacement job, using negative or positive pressure application, moving an excess of 165,000 cubic feet of air per minute

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