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The need for clean air at a fire scene is critical.  The fans commonly used today are adequate for most residential fires, but what do you do in an industrial setting?  You need enormous amounts of air displaced.  Now the builders of a highly successful diesel powered fan, used in the poultry industry, have developed an emergency response ventilation system.  FireFan Systems has a John Deere diesel engine directly mounted to a variable pitch composite propellor; then installed onto a heavily built tandem axle trailer.  The unit is self-contained, and can be towed by an SUV or light attack truck.  The trailer is moved into position to blow into an open doorway of a large structure, such as a warehouse or factory.  The parking brake is applied and the fan is started.  The controls are simple and self-monitoring, designed to shut the fan down if a mechanical problem occurs.  The powerful John Deere engine can clear the air in the biggest buildings.  The unit comes complete with fuel tank, tool box, wheel chocks, and and an exhaust extension to prevent toxic gases from entering the scene.  The engine is warranted by John Deere for two years.  Rugged, portable, and reliable; the new FireFan Systems diesel powered mobile fan is ready to take the heat off.

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