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Run with confidence

John Deere engines start when you need them, work reliably in tough conditions, and help you complete critical jobs.  You also get warranty service wherever you go from a vast John Deere support network that includes more than 4,000 service locations, qualified technicians, and fast delivery of genuine John Deere parts.

With low operating costs and proven efficiency, John Deere engines earn their way into your needs.  John Deere Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines demonstrate lower total fluid consumption compared to the previous Tier.  Longer service intervals save you time and money on maintenance. Plus, John Deere engines are known for their long-lasting durability adding value to your purchase.

Integrated Emissions Control System

To meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations, John Deere has followed a carefully planned approach.  They have systematically adopted new technologies and integrated them with their field-proven solutions to meet each regulatory Tier.

John Deere was the first engine manufacturer to widely commercialize cooled EGR and variable geometry turbocharger technologies in off-highway applications, introducing them with the start of Tier 3/Stage IIIA regulations.  This process reroutes cooled exhaust gas back into the intake manifold, which reduces oxygen levels, lowers exhaust temperatures, and reduces levels of NOx.

John Deere’s straightforward PowerTech EWX 4.5L engines have 2-valves cylinder heads, high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel systems, and full authority electronic controls.  These engines use simple wastegate turbocharging to maintain transient response and peak torque in all operating conditions.  The HPCR fuel system provides variable common-rail pressure and higher injection pressures up to 23,000 psi.  It also controls fuel injection timing and provides precise control for the start, duration, and end of injection.

Wastegate turbochargers are designed to develop more airflow at lower engine speeds to improve low-speed torque. The wastegate control device bleeds off a portion of the exhaust flow at higher engine speeds. Wastegate turbos deliver improved transient response and higher peak torque without compromising engine envelope size.

These engines utilize a catalyzed exhaust filter that contains a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).  The DOC reacts with exhaust gases to reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and some particulate matter (PM).  The downstream DPF through a continuous cleaning process called passive regeneration.  Passive regeneration occurs during normal operating conditions when heat form the exhaust steam and catalysts within the exhaust filter triggers the oxidation of the trapped PM.  If passive regeneration cannot be achieved due to low temperature, load, or speed, the PM is removed using active regeneration-an automatic cleaning process controlled by the exhaust temperature management system.  In most cases, filter cleaning does not impact engine operation or require operator involvement.

The use of exhaust filters on engines requires the use of diesel fuel with a sulfur content of less than 15 ppm (ultra-low sulfur diesel or ULSD).  John Deere engines operate efficiently with ultra-low sulfur diesel as well as B5 to B20 blends, providing optimal performance and fuel-choice flexibility.  

Proven off-highway experience

John Deere has millions of hours of field experience with off-highway engine technologies.

                                                                        •Over 500 million operating hours with high-pressure common-rail fuel systems

                                                                        •Over 425 million hours with exhaust filters

                                                                        •Over 206 million hours with wastegate turbocharging technology

                                                                        • Over 23 million operating hours in Final Tier 4/Stage IV applications

Customer Support

The proven John Deere dealer network of over 4,000 service locations is prepared to fully support customers and their Final Tier 4/Stage IV engines. Experience the power of a worldwide engine support network only from John Deere.

                                                                       •Superior engineering

                                                                       •Qualified technicians

                                                                       •A warranty you can count on

                                                                       •Fast parts delivery

                                                                       •Genuine John Deere parts

John Deere stands behind every engine they build.  Their industry leading warranty covers John Deere engines for up to 2,000 hours in the first 24 months.  In addition, extended warranty options are available to meet your needs.

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