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Get Ready for Hot Weather

Each summer the poultry producers in the southeast United States face the challenge of avoiding heat stress in their birds during hot weather.  The first heat wave almost always comes unexpectedly and many birds die.  Long hot spells cause poultry to perform below their expected targets.  To avoid these complications, growers must pay close attention to management details.

Even though poultry have body temperatures of 105-106 deg F., they are most comfortable in the ambient temperature range of 70-80 deg F.  When the mercury rises above 85 deg F., the chickens become heat stressed.  The houses are often hot with air, filled with dust, waste particles, and ammonia contaminants.  Choking yet? Well, breathe easy, because Lilliston & Associates has been supplying John-Deere powered, high velocity FireFans to major poultry processors throughout the years to help make the chicken-gathering process a lot more bearable for catchers and the feathered flock.  In fact, many catchers won't work in a house without one. 

FireFans ventilate a chicken house by pulling heat and harmful contaminants away from the flock and catch crews during the chicken-catching process.  Placed at one end of the building, a FireFan creates a tunnel-ventilation effect, similar to a moderate breeze.  Many crews also use a second fan to keep caged critters cool, reducing weight loss and death that can result during periods of confinement on trucks or in holding sheds. 

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